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Shadow Etail, a dynamic House of D2C Brands encompassing multiple brands in Auto Care, Home Care, Health & Beauty, Pet Care, and Personal Care, has emerged as a trailblazer in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) landscape. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Santhosh Balasundaram on Feb 10, 2017, Shadow Etail is headquartered in Coimbatore, also known as the "Manchester of South India."


With an extensive portfolio of over 25 trademarks and brands, Shadow Etail is a pioneer in crafting lifestyle-based utility-driven niche products. From repellents, electronics, bags, toys, cosmetics to medicines, the company has left an indelible mark in diverse categories. Some of its well-known brands include TOM CAT (rat repellent spray), BOB CAT (rat glue pads), HAPPY NIGHTS, MAMA QUILLA (herbal sanitary pads), MINIMALIST, FIN PHARM (Generic & Branded Pharmacy), GECKO, LUBRIZAP, GERMINOX, COMMANDO, ROYAL HERITAGE, MAHARISHI, HOLA COSMETICS, HOLA BABY, NINTH RAY (T-shirts), HAPPY HIPPO (pet cosmetics), and Blue Raptor. New brands under launch stage include TINY DINO and SENSEI CLUB.


Launched in 2017, Shadow Securitronics began its journey in a modest 60 square feet office space on a 4th floor in a building in Chennai. They kick started their business by exporting pepper spray and GPS watch products, for children and women safety. In 2020, the company suffered a severe setback, facing a loss of 15 Lakhs in 5 days, due to sudden cancellation of orders amidst the Covid crisis. Despite the challenges, the company stood by its commitment by making timely rent and salary payments to its employees for six months. In June 2020, Shadow Securitronics rebranded as Shadow etail, venturing into a broader product range and establishing a self-owned marketplace in Coimbatore (Manchester of India). Circumstances shifted with the successful selling of over 10,000 pulse oximeters, offering an 18-month warranty, which proved crucial for COVID-19 patients. Shadow etail expanded its portfolio by including all-natural Tom Cat Rat Repellent products for cars, securing #1 spot on Amazon for over 2 years. This followed by home care products which sold more than 500,000 units across India, branded as Gecko and Happy Nights home care products. Currently, Shadow etail is renowned as a house of D2C brands, with a diverse category of products offering baby care, pet care, health and beauty products, which are affordable premium products, designed focusing on your health and environmental well-being, due to their herbal composition.

Shadow Etail stands as one of the fastest growing D2C companies in Southern India, renowned for its products that rank amongst top 10 best sellers on Amazon and boasts over 10 lakh happy customers. It ranked 16th on Amazon, and also recognized as a premium seller. Santhosh, pivotal in driving the company's growth, has been honoured as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 by Business Outreach magazine. His upcoming Book is set to launch in February 2024, aimed at inspiring entrepreneurs to start and scale their D2C businesses. Soon Shadow Etail will be starting their monthly newsletter from March 2024. Shadow Etail plans to avail its products globally in Middle East (UAE), Singapore (South East Asia) & Australia.

Achievements and Recognition

• Fast-Growing D2C Company: Shadow Etail is one of the fastest-growing D2C companies in Southern India.
• Top Sellers on Amazon: The company has achieved 16th ranking in Amazon, reflecting its popularity among customers.
• Global Presence: Shadow Etail ships over 30,000 monthly orders from warehouses spanning across 15 states in India. The company plans to expand its global reach to the Middle East (UAE), Singapore, Australia, and Germany.
• Socially Inclusive Practices: Shadow Etail is committed to social inclusivity, employing 30% special needs women in its workforce. The company operates Fin Pharm, a non-profit community pharmacy benefiting over 10,000 customers monthly. This is the only pharmacy which sells branded and generic medicines. Courier services are available. Customers can order through Whatsapp -8838358288 (Phone #)

Notable Brands

TOM CAT – The Melody of Rat Repellence

TOM CAT, a leader in rat repellents for cars and home, has garnered acclaim for its innovative herbal repellent rat spray. It has become the top-rated rat repellent on Amazon for over 2 years, boasting over 11,000 reviews.

BOB CAT – The Guardian’s Sonata

BOB CAT, renowned for its formidable rat glue traps, stands as a guardian ensuring homes remain free from rodent menaces. The BOB CAT GLUE PAD is a product of extensive research, offering maximum glue content for effective rat trapping. More than 1 lakh rat traps -glue pads are sold every month. Prices of the rat traps are very competitive and includes free shipping.

MAMA QUILLA – Nature’s Comfort Pad

With the aim of revolutionizing female hygiene, Mama Quilla herbal sanitary pads are designed using natural hibiscus. They’re chemical-free, feathery soft, and prioritize your intimate health even while moving or sleeping. Women all over India prefer Mama Quilla Pads once they use them for the first time. They are completely plastic free.

GECKO - Herbal Home Guardians

In response to the usage of harmful chemicals in household products available in the market, Gecko introduces herbal alternatives. It serves a range of worthy products from shoe cleaner foam sprays to kitchen degreasers and furniture polish sprays. Gecko’s eco-friendly home care products currently stand as best sellers on Amazon. Also 1 of the top best sellers in Gecko is the Gecko Home Pest Repellent Spray and Lizard Repellent Spray. It has been ranked consistently at # 2 position in Insect and pest repellent category.

LUBRIZAP – Engineered Lubrication Symphony

Utilized by triathletes worldwide, as well as motor bike racers, Lubrizap’s auto care products for bikes and bicycles are high performing. Not only do its chain lube and cleaners for bike and bicycle prolong mechanical life of these automotive parts, but are also greatly affordable. Lubrizap cycle lube is a proprietary silicon based lube formula which athletes use regularly. Lubrizap’s LD-50 multipurpose spray is one of the top selling auto care Amazon products.

HOLA - Infant's Gentle Harmony

Unlike major baby care products, our affordable baby care products stand apart by being both affordable and chemical-free, suitable even to sensitive skins. We are committed to nurturing your baby’s skin with the gentle touch it deserves. Our dermatologically tested products includes Hola baby lotions, Hola baby shampoo, as well Hola Baby Nappy creams for a rash-free skin.

Happy nights - Serene Mosquito-Free Nights

Many householders worry the harmful effects of mosquito repellents. Addressing this, Happy Nights mosquito vaporizers offer a chemical-free solution, playing a home-safe role. It utilizes Citrosynthol and lemon eucalyptus oil, nature’s gift, to safeguard you from fatal and harmful mosquito-caused diseases. With over 10 lakh Happy Nights mosquito repellent bottles sold across over India, it has become a trusted name in natural mosquito repellent. All Happy Nights products are completely herbal, baby safe and DEET Free.

Notable Categories

Shadow Etail’s house of D2C products solve a diverse range of day-to-day practical customer problems with their affordable and eco-friendly products. This makes them rank 16th on Amazon, making them the go-to choice of Indian customers. A few of these products include:

Auto Care

Regular car maintenance is necessary, but so is protecting them from rodents paramount. Tom Cat rat repellent sprays for cars, protects your car wires and other parts from rodent-caused damages. Additionally, we help you maintain your car’s appearance with dashboard and leathers cleaner polish for cars, as well as ceramic coatings for car. Their latest product is Tom Cat ceramic Coating spray which is the World’s First Aerosol Based ceramic coating. More than 8 months have gone into the research & testing of this product before the launch. We also provide bike shiner sprays and helmet shiner sprays.

Home Care

Our home products not only protect your home with pests and rodents, but your health as well with natural alternatives to harsh chemicals, without compensating on effectiveness. Additionally, our smart products enhance the shine and cleanliness of various items such as flat screens, personal shoes, kitchen surfaces, etc. with their instant spray formulations.

Pet & Baby Care

Our product care extends to your cherished pets and little ones as well. Happy Hippo offers a range of pet shampoos and conditioners, pet waterless bath sprays, and deodorizers. These are both chemical-free and user-friendly. For babies, Hola provides moisturizing lotion, gentle shampoo, and head-to-toe washes designed for delicate skins. With a multitude of life-easing products that spans health and beauty, women safety and personal care, and more, we aim at simplifying your daily routine while being economical. Our Pet products are manufactured in a factory which makes human cosmetics so the same pet products can also be used on humans and are safe for them.

Vision and Social Impact

Shadow Etail envisions every Indian household using at least one of its affordable products across multiple segments, aiming to cater diverse customer needs. The company aims to be one of India's largest D2C brands by 2025, targeting revenues of 100 Crores. With nearly 100 products in the pipeline, Shadow Etail is poised for continued growth and is currently growing @ 2X per year.

Social Impact Initiatives

• Environmental Friendly Products: All Shadow Etail brands and products are environment friendly and manufactured under strict conditions for user and animal safety.
• Employment of Special Needs Women: Currently 90% of the company’s workforce are women. 30% of company’s current employment consists of special need’s women with, working consistently towards increasing this to over 50%.
• Fin Pharm Community Pharmacy: Shadow Etail owns Fin Pharm, a community-based pharmacy operating on a non-profit basis, benefiting over 10,000 customers monthly.
• Socially Conscious Brands: Brands like Mama Quilla (Premium Herbal Sanitary Pads) donate all profits to respective NGOs or orphanages.

"Building Shadow Etail" - A Transformative Guide

Santhosh Balasundaram, the visionary behind Shadow Etail, has authored the book "Building Shadow Etail," a strategic roadmap for scaling D2C businesses efficiently. This book aims to establish Shadow Etail as the epitome of a Lifestyle Utility House for D2C brands. Get strategic roadmap to scale your D2C businesses, along with live examples to skyrocket your monthly sales with this book. "Building Shadow Etail" is expected to be available in the markets around March 2024 onwards and can be ordered from the company’s website –

Author - Santhosh Balasundaram

Santhosh Balasundaram, with over two decades of multidisciplinary experience, is the luminary behind Shadow Etail. An entrepreneur and catalyst for innovation, he holds an MBA and PMP certification. His book, "Building Shadow Etail," unveils key strategies and tactics for success in India's D2C industry. Shadow Etail's journey is not just a business story; it's a narrative of transformation, innovation, and social responsibility. As the company continues to cast its shadows of innovation, it stands as a beacon in the vibrant tapestry of India's D2C landscape. For more information, visit

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